Dublin Hampers Terms & Conditions

What it means to enter a Dublin Hampers agreement is detailed below.


With a view to holding increases to a minimum we have fixed our Hamper prices for this year as per the prices indicated on each hamper.

If the total cost of the goods in a hamper rises more than 10% the amount in excess of this increase may be passed on to the customer by way of a surcharge. In this event we will notify you and if you are unwilling to accept the surcharge you may cancel the order and all monies collected by our agent for the hamper will be refunded to you less a collection administration charge of 10%


We will make every effort to supply the contents as listed for a hamper however the company reserves the right to change any item in the contents list of a hamper and to replace it with goods of an equal value and quality


No refund will be made for cancellations under €15

A 15% cancellation charge will be applied to cover administration and restocking


All hampers must be fully paid for before delivery.

Freezer Hampers are delivered from the end of November.

Turkeys and Hams are delivered on December 22nd.